12/12/2011 - Winslow Fire Dept & EMS Open House

The Winslow Township Fire Department and Winslow Emergency Medical Services are hosting an Open House/Recruitment Night on Monday December 12th at the Tansboro Fire Station located at 416 Tansboro Road beginning at 7 p.m. All Winslow residents are invited to come out to learn about opportunities to volunteer and/or prepare for a career in emergency services.


The highlight of the night will be the opportunity to meet Dan Watkins, a resident of Sicklerville, who is a starting offensive guard for the Philadelphia Eagles. Dan was the Eagles 2011 first round draft choice after graduating from Baylor University. Before attending Baylor, Dan served as a firefighter in his hometown of Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. He also attended Butte College’s Fire Academy in Oroville, California. Dan continues to be very proud of his love of firefighting and plans to return to his career as a firefighter at the end of his professional football career. He will be available to speak to all about volunteering as a firefighter.


Along with Dan, members of the Winslow Fire Department and Winslow Emergency Medical Services will discuss what made them choose to become involved in their emergency services profession.

If you have any interest in a possible career in emergency services and serving your community, or you would just like to meet the Philadelphia Eagles’ Dan Watkins, please join us on December 12th for a night of information and pizza and soda.

We look forward to seeing on the 12th. Thank you.