2/25/2011 - Public Land Sale




            Notice is hereby given in accordance with NJSA 40A:12-13(a) that the Township Committee of the Township of Winslow, Camden County, New Jersey will expose at public sale and auction to the highest bidder on Friday, February 25, 2011 at 1:00 p.m., prevailing time, at the Municipal Building, 125 South Rt. 73, Braddock, New Jersey, the tracts of land situated in the Township of Winslow, County of Camden and State of New Jersey, as described in Schedule “A”. 


            Any buildings on premises shall, within 120 days of Township providing title, be properly demolished, meet appropriate Building and Health Codes, or subdivided as the case maybe.


            Said property is being sold with the condition that the municipality is issuing no representations or warranties as to the ability or advisability of building or constructing improvements on said property or utilities including but not limited to sewer and water availability to or for the property.  The successful bidder is solely responsible for obtaining any and all necessary local, county or state permits and/or approvals including but not limited to New Jersey Pinelands Commission and New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection to construct an improvement on the property.  In addition, no representation is made as to any environmental conditions that may affect the property including but not limited to the presence of wetlands.  The Township makes no representation as to any previous use of the property and does not guarantee clear title to the property.



            The Township reserves the right at anytime prior to confirmation of the sale made hereunder, to reject any and all bids, even if the bid meets or exceeds the minimum bid required.



            The successful bidder shall be required to pay all conveyancing expenses, including legal fees, advertising costs, preparation of Deed and to provide at its own expense a title search and legal description for the preparation of the deed. 


            The properties sold are subject to rights of tenants and occupants, if any.



            A Bargain and Sale Deed shall be the document of conveyance and no warranties or representations as to title are made by the Township of Winslow.  If, however, the Township is unable to convey marketable title, any deposit monies received pursuant to this bidding shall be returned without interest or any other compensation, and there shall be no further liability between the parties.  The form of the Deed is on file with the Township Clerk and may be inspected.



            All bids shall be referred to the Winslow Township Governing Body for review and final approval which shall be by Resolution within fourteen (14) days after bids are received.



            The confirmation of the sale by the Governing Body shall be a complete acceptance of the bid and, thereafter, within thirty (30) days from said confirmation, settlement must be completed.  In the event of default by the successful bidder to complete settlement within the time allowed, the bid shall be rescinded, all rights of the successful bidder shall be terminated and the down payment shall be forfeited.



            All lots are conveyed subject to existing encumbrance, liens, zoning regulations, easements, other restrictions, such facts as a title search would reveal such facts as an accurate survey would reveal and any present or future assessments for the construction of improvements benefiting said property.



            The successful bidder, at the conclusion of the sale, shall be required to pay ten percent (10%) of the bid, in cash, certified check, or other acceptable check or instrument as down payment and shall execute an offer to purchase at the bid price on the date of the public land sale.  Failure to make the payment on said date shall nullify the bid. 



                                                                                    Deborah A. Iannaco, RMC

                                                                                    Municipal Clerk

                                                                                    Township of Winslow