Special Needs Registry

The Camden County Prosecutor’s Office, in partnership with the Camden County Association of Chiefs of Police, is excited to announce the launch of the Camden County Special Needs Registry in all Camden County municipalities! The registry was created to ensure that all residents who have special needs receive the help and support they need during the time of an emergency, or during interaction with law enforcement, fire, or EMS personnel.

The Camden County Special Needs Registry is a voluntary service open to all citizens. The registry was created to help police officers and other emergency service personnel, to better assist residents with special needs in the event of an emergency by providing first responders with vital information, regarding a registrant’s disability, emergency contact information, a physical description, and a current photograph of the registrant. Click the link below for more information, and to register for the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office Special Needs Registry! If you are a Winslow Township resident, please select the "Winslow Township Police Department". Once you have entered your information it will be available to all Camden County law enforcement agencies. If you have any questions, please contact Sgt. J. Ervin at 609-567-0700 ext. 1204 for assistance.

Click this link to be brought to the page to sign up. Camden County Special Needs Registry