Winslow Township

Are you new to Winslow Township?

Welcome! Every Municipality is different, here are a few things to get you started in ours.

  • Most of your questions can be answered via the Township mobile app - GORequest. Through the "app" you may also place a request for a trash concern, pot hole, view the "FAQ's" and much more! You may also access the information by clicking here.
  • Winslow uses the Nixle system to send alerts to our residents, you can sign up by following the button link to the right.
  • House numbers need to be in Arabic Numerals and a minimum of 3" in height.        
  • You can call our public works office at (609) 567-0700 extension 9001 to find out your trash day. The Township utilizes Township-issued trash/recycling toters for pick-up, no other containers are accepted for trash/recycling. To learn more, OR if toters were not at your new home when you moved in - please go to    
  • You MUST register your cats and dogs with the Township Clerk no later than January 31 EVERY YEAR. There is a $25 late fee after March 31 Each year. 
  • You can register to vote at our Municipal Clerk's office.  If you are unclear about which Ward and/or District you are located in please call the Municipal Clerk's Office at (609) 567-0700 extension 8002. 
  • You must register your alarm in the clerks office, there is no fee to register.
  • If you are connected to Public Water and Sewer you will receive two sewer bills, one from the Township of Winslow and one from the Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority (CCMUA). For questions please call our utilities department (609) 567-0700 extension 1993.
  • Please note that the Construction office, Vital Statistics, Planning & Zoning and our Tax Assessor's offices are not located in our main Municipal Building, they are located directly behind the Municipal Building in our new office building.   
  • The Township is filled with a wealth of local businesses and farm/fruit stands. Please visit the Township StoryMap to locate the businesses by going to  or access it via the Township mobile app - GORequest.
  • Winslow Township's government is divided into four wards each ward is represented by two committee members. There is also one at large Mayor representing all wards making a 9 person committee. You can view the committee's meeting schedule online by clicking here. You can also view the public meeting agendas at 
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