Winslow Township

Departmental Directory

Administration Office
Phone (609) 567-0700 x5005
Joseph Gallagher, Township Administrator 

Assessor's Office
Phone (609) 567-0700 x1995
Megan Fasy, Assessor

Clerk's Office
Phone (609) 567-0700 x8002
Deborah A. Iannaco, RMC, Municipal Clerk

Court Office
Phone (609) 567-0700 (option 4)
Janice Fitting, Court Administrator

Municipal Utilities
Phone (609) 567-0700 x1993
Lou Bowman, Supt. of Mun. Utilities
Michael Minniti, Executive Assistant Mun. Utilities

Human Resources
Phone (609) 567-0700 x5004
Annette Quarterman

Police Department
Phone (609) 567-0700 x1991
Emergencies Dial 911
George Smith, Chief of Police

Police Records
Phone (609) 567-0700 x1999

Public Works
Phone (609) 567-0700 x9001
Sam Martello, Director of Public Works
Vincent Mammucari, Supt. of Public Works 

Phone (609) 567-0700 x5003
Jennifer L. Conway, QPA, Purchasing Agent

Tax Collector
Phone (609) 567-0700 x2090
Constance Hegyi, CTC, Tax Collector 

Finance Office
Phone (609) 567-0700 x4002
Stephen Dringus, C.M.F.O. 
Construction Office
Phone (609) 567-0700 x1994
Herbert Leary, Construction Official

Board of Health
Phone (609) 567-0700 x8008
Dayna Pitts, BOH Secretary

Planning & Zoning
Phone (609) 567-0700 x1996
Debbie Wells, Zoining Officer 

Department Directors

  • Department of Public Safety - Barry Wright, Director
  • Department of Revenue and Finance - Edward Pleczynski, Director
  • Department of Public Works - John Wilson, Director 
  • Department of Assessing - Evelyn Leverett, Director 
  • Senior Citizens - Evelyn Leverett, Director 
  • Department of Municipal Utilities - Charles Flamini, Director 
  • Division of Parks, Recreation and Community Events - Ray Watkins Jr., Director    
  • Community Services - Department of Administration - Marie D. Lawrence, Director 
  • Library Functions - Paula Paretti, Director 
  • Liason, Division of Health - Marie D. Lawrence
  • Liason, Municipal Drug and Alcohol Alliance - Ray Watkins, Jr.
  • Liason, Celebrations Committee - Ray Watkins, Mayor
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